Monday, May 3

Tulip Time 2010

It's Tulip Time around of our favorite times of the year.  We are people people, which means the crowds bustling about around our house don't bother us.  In fact, I think it has kind of energized us.

This is also the first year that Annelise really understands what's going on.  She loves the pretty flowers, though its a challenge to keep her from picking them ($50 fine for each one!).  We are enjoying the Dutch dancers, carnival food, lots of walks downtown, shopping at the stores that seem to have new life in them and can't wait to watch the parades this week.

We're sad that Erin, Betsy and Sarah weren't able to make it this year, but hope the tradition can continue on next year.  If you're ever looking for a nice, quaint town to visit for a weekend, come on up!  We'd love to have you.

We also have a new "favorite" store that we like to visit.  Its called Tip Toes and it has all kind of goodies for kiddos.  Anne's favorite part is the huge play space.  And that happens to be Mommy's favorite part too.  I was actually able to shop for 45 minutes the other day while she contentedly played.  Nice.

Its been nice enough lately to do lots of playing outside.  And painting...

And who can resist this face?  Elli has been really animated lately.  She's a pretty happy kid.  She's also sitting up like a trooper.  I love that she's able to sit on the floor and play with her toys. 


The Kampers said...

oh I want to get the boys one of those "real" shopping carts! But I can't justify it since it can't come with us! I just think they are so cute!

rkswaney said...

One day I will be there during tulip time!! Plus, now I have more than the tulips to visit.

The girls are so adorable! They seem to be very comfortable in front of a camera :O)

Stephanie Clark said...

It is great to see their smiling faces! Elli looks like Grandma Neal!!! (and I mean that in the BEST way possible, your mom is HOT!)

Lee and Candace said...

Looks like a festive weekend!