Monday, September 6

Free Stuff

Ok, that's a joke.  I just couldn't think of a catchy title and honestly, who doesn't like free stuff?  So, now you've read at least two sentences of this blog post and are trapped.  Right?  I hope.  Cause it gets better.

Its another rainy day here and I'm not complaining.  Its 12:35, both kids are napping already and my house is clean.  Hm...what to do?  Blog, cook, laundry...I have a lot on the list. 

School starts tomorrow.  And the girls start going to a new sitter.  Lots of changes around here and we are anxiously awaiting them all.  Its going to be a fun year!

So, Matt is at school preparing for his first day.  And I'm thinking maybe I should whip up a batch of peanut butter cookies?

Oh and a cup of tea.  Sounds good to me!


Liz K said...

sounds wonderful to me too! Wish I could say the same, my house looks like a toy bomb went off, we are all exhausted, there is a sink full of dirty dishes...but Family camp is done and we have tomorrow off...good thing!

Rob said...

So...where's my free stuff? That's false advertising. I'm going to report this blog!