Tuesday, September 7

Our First Day

Back to school...Matt started another year of early mornings, late nights, retreats, debates, mission trips and snow days...oh wait, maybe I shouldn't be mentioning those yet? He he.

And the girls are enjoying their first day at a new home for childcare.  I have a wonderful friend (who goes waaaay back to high school – we figured last week that we've been buds for over 15 years...yeah we're old) that has graciously offered to care for my children during the two days that I work each week.  She has three sweet ones of her own (yes, please say a prayer for her now) and she still wants to add to that with my two each week.  Annelise was giddy about going to her friends' home today, which makes a mommy's heart swoon.  I mean, if she can't be with me, she might as well be thrilled about who she is going to be with.

So, here we go.  I feel like the merry go round is just getting started.  We're doing ok for now, but come November I fear we might be spinning a little too fast, feeling a little queasy.  Alas, just in time for daddy to have two weeks of Christmas vacation.  You've got to love/hate the life of a teacher.

Happy Back to School Day for all you mommies...kiddos...and even some daddies!

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