Monday, September 20

Oops...I have a blog?

My last post was regarding the start of our crazy life school.  And it appears all the busyness has kept me from remembering I have a blog - and more importantly - blog friends.  So, here's an update of our recent activities in photos.

Growing (in height, but not in width) required the purchase of lots of leggings and tunics.  This kid probably won't wear regular jeans for a long time.


 A quick day trip to Chicago with some of our great friends!

 Eating.  Always eating.

 Learning to say "cheese."

 Getting a new dresser and getting some fun wall art.

 Helping my parents open their second wireless store in Plainwell, Michigan.

 Spending time with Alayna, my niece.

Talking with Aunt Sarah on Skype - she now lives in West Virginia.  It was so cool to see her and even get a tour of her house - all through the computer!

 Apple picking (and peeling, and slicing and pie making...)

And best of all, being family (when we can).


The Talberts said...

Cute, cute girls, Rachael! Glad for the update. :)

Lee and Candace said...

Yes! Agreed...super cute girls! Wish you guys were closer!

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