Monday, March 21

Monday Mumblings

Whenever I write a blog post on Monday, I always feel like its just a bit grumbly.  You?  So, I made sure to have an extra cup of coffee before typing this - and I asked for an extra dose of grace too!

The Lord has been so good to us.  I've been reflecting on all of our blessings lately - even those in disguise - and find myself praising God for His faithfulness to us.

I spent last week in California on a work trip.  I go every year and each time I come home with new ideas to serve the ministry I work for better.  I also come home refreshed and renewed.  There's something abut staying in a hotel room all alone that gives a mommy an extra boost for the months to come.  And when I returned, my family was in tact and the house was in order.  Such a treat!

So, today I'm focusing on loving my kids a little extra (is that possible?) and letting them build forts (without cringing at the mess they're making).  I'm tidying up and thanking God that we have little hands to make prints on windows. 

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Becca Salmon said...

Little hand prints on the windows are the best. In a few years they will be gone, and we will be left with "remember whens".

Hope you have a good week!