Monday, March 7

Product Review: Mr. Clean Reusable Wiping Cloth

Its no secret.  I love to clean.  Which usually goes hand in hand with a love of cleaning products.  My favorite area of the house to clean is the kitchen.  When I cook, I start with a clean kitchen.  I can't sleep if the dishes aren't done.  And I hate, allow me to repeat for emphasis, hate dirty counters. 

So, its taken me a while to find a cleaning tool that really allows me to get my counter clean, without it being bulky, smelly and hard to dry.  I've tried the tradition washcloth, sponges...even a few specialty rags like these.  And while I liked the latter, I couldn't justify spending that much money every couple of months without a coupon.  Still vaguely on the prowl for a good cloth, I had almost given up hope.  That is, until I stumbled upon this...

(Angels singing, trumphets know, that heavenly music of wonder.)

I debated...but come on, a dollar for two?  That's pocket change and I was willing to spend the dough to see if we could form a marriage out of this deal.

And that we did.  I'm in love.  All the sufficiency of a sponge, without the bulk and occasional dripping.  All the beauty and hand friendliness of these, without the hefty price and fading.

Ladies (and a few gentlemen who made read this), you will fall in love.  Oh, and I paired this new cleaning wonder with my ever faithful spray...

And voila...its cleaning bliss.  So, fork out the dollar at your local Big Lots (that's where I found mine) and tell me what you think.  I dare say you will never go back to your slimy sponge or your stinky dish cloth again.

Oh...and they're biodegradable.  There, you have no excuse.


Jill said...

Are you getting paid to advertise for Mr. Clean??? ; )

I will have to give these wonderful miracle wipes a try sometime!

Rachael Neal said...

Not yet... ha ha!

Actually, I just really like these and wanted to share. :)

Krista Koets said...

Rachael, I have used Clorox Handi Wipes for years and they are amazing. I recently got them on sale at target for $0.84 for a six pack. They last weeks, dry fast and never smell. When they get too stained or just tear, I toss them. They are also great to use on disgusting jobs (like clenaing the toilet after boys) because I can throw them away with zero guilt!! I'm also a fan of the same bleach clenaer you use :-)

Jerry Isaak said...

Loved your post. I had to laugh as it seems that Scotland has embraced this type of cloth, it's the only kind that I can get here. Not the exact Mr. Clean one but a similar type. When I first got here I was so puzzled as to why I couldn't find any dish cloths or sponges (actually had my mom bring me some from the US when she came to visit-I love the pop up sponges from Trader Joes). But now I use one very similar to the one you posted about...because it's all I can get. I guess the Scots did your test and made the decision for the whole country:).
Have you ever heard of Norwex products? You should try them out and become a cleaning rep. They are such GREAT cleaning tools!!!
Happy Cleaning!