Thursday, July 7

12 Weeks

Here it is folks.  As much as I hate to document visually the hugeness of this pregnancy, I know you all want to see it.  And I'm sure some day in the very distant future, I'll want to see it too.  Maybe.

The shelter I work at has a volunteer nurse.  She's wonderful and as caring as any nurse you've seen.  But, she keeps telling me I'm going get very large.  Yes, I know...thanks for reminding me.

To celebrate this 12 week milestone, we're painting our house.  It needs to be done, so we're using the last bit of vacation time that we have to get it done.  Here's the progress so far.

 Scraping the house to prepare for painting has taken two days.

The new shutter color.  Like it?

Oh...and I would be remiss if I didn't mention our wonderful weekend in Lake City, Michigan.  We enjoyed the Greatest Fourth in the North for a fifth time since we moved here.  Although, I have been going for 29 years.  Here's a few snapshots of our visit.  Let's just say the camera didn't make it into our hands as often as the sunscreen.


Kara said...

You look so lovely! I'm always excited to see a belly picture. And the green looks GREAT! Good choice.

Paulina said...

You look beautiful!