Friday, July 22

What day is it?

The days are melding together and I don't know why.  Summer heat...vacation...changes in our lives...or pregnancy.  I like to blame everything on the pregnancy.

Or maybe I just feel off because my doctor changed my due date this week.  I hate when they do that!  Looks like we'll be having these babies a week earlier than planned. Although, I can't say I've done a whole lot of planning, because with multiples, just never know when they're going to make their entrance.

I haven't been feeling very well.  I was hoping to turn a corner at 14 weeks, but nope.  Doctor says I need to slow down...take it easy.  If you know me, you know that's impossible.  I'm not a napper, I don't go to bed super early and well, I'm just stubborn.

So, my goal today is to take a nap.  That's a huge goal for me.  But, I know it will make our evening so much more pleasant.


Angie, Jon, Ty, Wyatt & Levi said...

Sure hope you start feeling better soon!! Take care of yourself:)

krissy said...

I've learned to nap every now and then after my fourth. It does help but I know it's hard to do.
And by the way, did you find out if your twins are fraternal or identical?