Wednesday, June 29


I was just reminiscing about summer's past when I happened upon this post, exactly one year ago.  How does time move so quickly?  And it seems that the words I wrote 12 months ago could have come from my fingers moving across the keyboard today.  So much different, so much the same.

My sweet baby moved into a big girl bed today.  This mommy fully expected failure.  But, my darling just woke from a 2 hour nap and never even attempted to get down.  In fact, she called for me to come get her.  Tear.  She's not my baby anymore (although I think any mother knows your babies are always babies).

Could it be possible that I'm nesting early?  Even with the worst nausea I've ever experienced, I still managed to clean out the basement last week, rearrange the girls' room and am hoping to tackle to the office soon-to-be nursery to two swaddled babes in the coming weeks.

My next appointment and ultrasound is on July 20th.  I'll be 14 weeks.  We're hoping to determine at that time whether we'll have identical or fraternal twins.  I'm also hoping we could get a sneak-peek at 14 weeks too early?

Anyhoo, my children would like for me to push them on the swing and that's exactly what I intend to do. 


Liz K said...

14 weeks is probably too early!:) But I can understand why you want it! And hey, will you need another crib? Because seriously, we have two sitting in storage, and we just might possibly be home at Christmas time...think about it...

Rachael Neal said...

Hey - I forgot to respond to this...sorry! I have actually gotten offers for 4 cribs, so I think I'm going to be ok. But thanks for thinking of us! :)

Liz K said...

oh good!! Glad you are getting baby equipment falling from the sky! Something I will always remember your mom saying was "when God brings a baby, He always brings a sandwich too" How very very true! Love you friend!