Friday, January 13

2012? Weird.

I remember thinking that my graduation year of 2000 was so weird.  We were the class of '00 - how lame is that?  And now that I'm much more mature older, I realize that was just the beginning.  Had someone told me I would be a mother of four (two being twins!) in 2012...I would have laughed.  2012?  Weird.

But, you probably stopped by my blog to hear less about the year we're in and more to see our new additions, right?  I'm pretty faithful at updating Facebook, but I remember some of you don't have Facebook (silly you!) so here is the update you deserve.

Abram and Titus

Elli loves to hold them...and kiss them.  Their heads are often sticky on top!
These fellows turned one month on Wednesday...their original due date.  I can't imagine being pregnant for four weeks longer than I was.  Ick!

Linking arms...and forces maybe?  They look up to something.

The boys had their one month check up and received a clean bill of health...such a surprise for being premature.  Abram gained 17 ounces (he's 6#6) and Titus gained a pound (he's 6#12).  I'm exclusively breastfeeding, which means I'm never really sure how much milk they're getting when they eat.  I was very relieved to hear that they are gaining a good amount of weight.  The doctor was so pleased, he won't have to see them for another month.  Yahoo!

I love to watch them sleep...just wish they would do more of it at night!
By the way, I took them to the doctor all by myself...yup!  The older two went to a friend's house, so I can't say I juggled all four little ones at the doctor's office.  Two in infant seats were enough.  It was a little crazy, but I felt very accomplished when we arrived home, in one piece...nevermind the screaming, starving babies.

Which brings me to this...why is it that no matter when you've last fed the baby (or babies in our case), they always need to eat AT the destination you arrive at?  It never fails, my kids are always screaming, starving hungry when we get to the doctor, church, you name it.  They must know its the most inconvenient time to feed them...and people always look at you like "Well, why didn't you feed them before you came."  Um, I did.  But it took us two hours to get out of the house in one piece with all of our its time to eat again.

Speaking of...the one pictured above is screaming to eat.  Gotta run!


Kelly Glupker said...

I can totally relate to your last paragraph which is precisely why I was so amazed/impressed you were able to get out of the house without them! You're doing a great job!

melissa said...

Ha. I agree with the comment above! I always felt that way with a newborn. And people always marvel that I can get out and back alive with my four. But you?! Twins? Plus two little girls? Go Mama! You're my hero! I think you're doing great. Also .. just wanted to say how much I'm loving your facebook posts lately .. so in love and such a gentle and patient vibe. I know there have got to be challenges, but it's good to hear you enjoying the little moments. :)

Lee and Candace said...

Ha! I can remember thinking I was SO cool because I was the class of 2000!:) Sounds like you guys are doing great Rachael and making the most of every moment, chaotic or whatever it is! We're so happy for your family, and again agreed...if someone told me I would have 3 children AND living in KY in 2012, I'd probably laugh:)