Wednesday, January 4

My Goals for 2012

I've never been one to make resolutions.  I know, its one of those things I should do but why set myself up for failure, right?

In the wake of a twin pregnancy, delivery and recovery, I'm even less motivated to set goals for this year.  Come on people...I've got 4 kids under the age of 4 (for the next 14 days).  So, I've resolved to set this goal...

In 2012 we will strive to be a family of six that loves God, pursues Him and not just survives, but thrives in the midst of it all.

Our life may look chaotic from the outside (and even the inside), but its our life...and we love it. 

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Pam Mastruserio said...

Beautifully said! Here's to a God filled, blessed beyond belief 2012 for you and your family!