Sunday, June 10

Big Week

It's been a busy week around the Neal household. Matt completed his last day of school on Wednesday (WOO HOO!) which means he can finally start to relax before the next school year begins. We also watched my sisters graduated from High School on Wednesday night. That was a very cool thing. It's going to be a big year for my parents - my sisters graduate and go to college, my brother graduated from college and gets married this summer, and Matt and I are having a baby. We like to do it all at once in our family! :)

Speaking of the pregnancy - I've been feeling pretty good today. This past week wasn't so hot - with lots of nausea and fatigue. But I've got lots of rest this weekend and am looking forward to a three day week. We're leaving for KY on Thursday morning to celebrate Father's Day with Matt's family. If you go to Grace - look for us on Sunday!

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