Tuesday, June 26

Sinning with the MAC

Ok, so that title sounds terrible. Mostly what I mean is I'm borrowing a brand new MacBook for the evening, test driving it to see whether or not this would be a good computer for me to use as I transition into working from home in the fall. Considering the fact that I've only been home 20 minutes and on it ever since, I think I'm leaning in this direction. I LOVE MACS! I'm addicted to the look, feel, easy use and wonderful graphics. Needless to say, I'm sold.


Pam said...

So you ARE going to work at home this fall :) Great for you!!!

Meliss said...

I'm going to buy one too...eventually...I'm hoping by fall! I share the same love of the MAC. I actually never used a PC really until I went to college.

So how are you feeling?

shanell and roger said...

yes, they are the best computers ever... no viruses, not complicated, great things added on, and much more... we love em- we wouldnt want anyone to anything different but the best! hehe- shanell and rog