Thursday, September 13

Getting Bigger

I must say I've really started to pack on the pounds. Not a very fun thing - but its all for a good cause. Or at least that's the politically correct thing to say, right? I mean, who's really happy about gaining weight for their baby? Ha! Not me.

On another note, the baby has decided that she wants to stretch and dig her way out of my stomach, though she's not even close to being "fully-cooked." There are times when I think she has a circus of friends in there. Because, how can she be kicking me in my ribs and fluttering her legs in my pelvic bone, all at once? It's crazy!


Kentucky Kate said...

I love all the belly pics. I can't believe you are over halfway through!!! Plus, you are through the worst. The end stinks, but it's not so bad since you know you are getting ready to get your baby soon.

Lee and Candace said...

You look great Rachael. We do sacrifice a lot for our little ones, but they are so worth it! I'm not sure if my body will ever be the same. Hey, probably headed up to MI in the next couple of weeks. Thought we might stop by and can drop off some clothes to you too. I'll let you know when.

Pam said...

You look super! Love the belly on you. Motherhood suits you.
I'd post a pic of myself but Ireally don't look any different than I did at Matt's wedding. I'm sure that will change. :)