Tuesday, September 4

Visit to Tennessee & First Day of School

Matt and I just returned from a much needed weekend away in Tennessee. Our very close friends from college, Aaron & Emily, live in Knoxville. Aaron works at a mental health hospital there and Emily attends University of Tennessee. They have a 7-month old baby boy named Miles - the most adorable baby I have seen in a while - no offense all of you with babies! :) They have a wonderful life in TN - I'm just not sure how they do it! Emily is not only involved in the graduate program, but she also teaches at the undergraduate level. Aaron worked 2nd shift, but has been working double shifts off and on to earn extra cash. They are the most laid back couple we know and its always so relaxing to go for a visit.

We also got to see Matt's family while traveling. We had a 3-hour layover on the way down to TN and back in Cincinnati. Since Matt's parents live just a few miles from the airport, it was just enough time for us to meet up for lunch on Friday and dinner on Monday. We really enjoyed our time with them!

Matt started back to school today. This is going to be a much better year than last year. Keep praying for God to use him in the lives of our teenagers.

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