Monday, September 17

Online Registries

I love the internet! Being a first time mom is very exciting. But, there's something extremely intimidating about registering for an event that you've never experienced before. I have no idea what I'm going to need for this baby. Nonetheless, I set-up two online registries that I can manage from home. This is wonderful because the thing I was dreading the most was standing in the aisle at Target, staring at baby items and having no idea what to scan. I can now do research online and add items to my registries without ever having to leave the comfort of my home. I love it! I've saved both registries on my sidebar. Feel free to browse and get ideas for your own children. Much of what I've registered for has been as a result of advice from other experienced mothers. So, I take credit for none of it. Also, nothing is on the Amazon registry at this point. We're hoping to research strollers and carseats and then register for them on Amazon. We'll see what we can find.

**GREAT BUY - Just thought I'd share with you that I found a Boppy nursing pillow at a thrift store this weekend (in excellent condition) for only $2.50! You can't beat that.


Kentucky Kate said...

That's so much fun! You should register for a Bumbo seat too. They were just coming out when Elise could have used them, but I didn't want to spend $40 on one for her to use it for a month. I'm getting one for sure this time though. They are so helpful once they can hold up their own heads but can't sit up. Elise would get mad when I would lay her down to get things done. I could have just sat her in the Bumbo so she could look around.

running shoes said...

make sure you get an extra cover for your boppy, some extra pack n' play sheets, and some sort of bottle/ cup/ utensil organizer that will fit where you want it. Kid's stuff never seems to fit anywhere and can be unruly. Get some BabyLegs too, you can get them at this fabulous store called Earth Bums in Northern KY ;0)