Friday, November 9

Birthing Class & Frustrations

Tomorrow is our birthing class - 8am-5pm.  Yes, you heard me - ALL DAY on Saturday!  Personally, I'm excited about the chance to spend a day learning about the birth of our little girl.  I figure I've carried her for 7 months, its time to learn how to get her out!  But, Matt is less than thrilled.  He even asked me today if he "had to go."  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  Yes, you have to go!  I told him that he was 50% of making this baby and so far has had to do 0% of the work.  Maybe I was a little harsh.  Before you decide, consider that since we conceived Matt has frequently told me that he plans to be no where near the birthing room when the baby is born.  In fact, he said I could find him in the lounge, feet propped, watching ESPN.  Oh, and he said "Tell them to come get me when she's born."  Needless to say, his comment today irritated me greatly.  Those of you that have had children or are expecting will understand how lonely it can be at times to be carrying a child.  There are days when I feel like my husband can't understand what's happening to my body and my emotions.  I figured a birthing class would be a great way for him to take some ownership of this baby and the process of bringing her into the world.  Instead, he sees it as nothing but an inconvenience.  I could say I'm mad, but mostly just hurt.  I feel like this would be the perfect opportunity for him to show his support of me - and our baby - and it has been anything but that.  I do recognize however that we could wake up tomorrow morning, go to this class and enjoy every minute of it.  Matt could supersede my (extremely low) expectations, and everything will be dandy.  So, pray that happens!  I'll update when we get home.


Angie said...

You know, Jon planned on staying by my head during Ty's delivery and "seeing" nothing gross or goey, but when it came down to it he was the one that helped me the most and in the end saw EVERYTHING. He's still queasy when he talks about it, but I know he wouldn't change anything.

the Pie family said...

question #1- does matt read your blog?? :) i am laughing because my husband said the same thing "do i HAVE to go" and yes, of course, he went and was glad he did. i hope matt felt the same way! :) only about 2 months more to go! :)

Matt and Rachael Neal said...

no, matt doesn't read the blog - but i told him about the post. :)