Wednesday, November 21

Giving Thanks

I must admit, I read Pam's blog and was inspired to also note what I'm thankful for:

1)  My Father - heavenly that is.  He sustains me, loves me, chastises me and teaches me each day!
2)  My husband - who loves me unconditionally, serves me faithfully, and is committed to being holy as God is holy.

3)  My baby girl - who reminds me of her presence often these days.  Soon, I will hold her in my arms.
4)  My family - who never cease to make me laugh, cry, and pray - and seek God whole-heartedly.

5)  My "new" family - in-laws I mean.  They treat me as their own, love us better than we could ever love them in return and follow hard after the Lord.

6)  My ministry - aka job.  I'm forever reminded that we are all poor in spirit and God has commanded us to help those that are in need.  I'm amazed that I get paid to obey Scripture.

7)  My church - who is committed to the truth of God's word, the building of the family, and reaching out to a community steeped in religion desperately in need of a relationship with God.

8)  My home - where I can rest in the provisions of my Savior.  What a blessing to have heat, a warm bed, groceries in the kitchen and clothes to wear.

9)  My babies - Booga and Bwana.  At times I hate them - their shedding hair, hyperactivity and dirty feet.  But in the end, they love me unconditionally and remind me that children can be far worse.

10)  And last, but CERTAINLY not least, My friends - who make me laugh, encourage me and remind me that life is not all about me!  Those are true friends.

So, thank God today for the blessings he has bestowed upon you - because they are many!  May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with family, friends and lots of turkey.  

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