Sunday, November 11

UPDATE: Birthing Class

Yesterday's birthing class made for a long day.  What is typically a 6-week class was crammed into 9 hours on a Saturday.  But - it went very well!  Despite being exhausted throughout the morning lecture, the videos were very helpful in somewhat preparing Matt and I for the delivery of our baby.  We went out for dinner last night and I asked him if he had learned anything in the class.  He said, "Well, I didn't realize how much I was going to need to support you during labor.  Those women on the video looked like they were in a lot of pain."  He continued by telling me that he wanted to be a good "coach" for me - to help me breathe and work through the contractions.  WHAT A RELIEF!  If nothing else, this birthing class reiterated a lot of what I already knew, but also helped my husband to see how much I need him to be my partner during labor.  So, was it a success?  Well, I would say that even though the 9-hour class could probably have been a half day and just as profitable, it was a total success in our particular marriage and birth of our baby.

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Kentucky Kate said...

That's so exciting!!! You'll be surprised at how much their instinct kicks in with how to support you. I personally think it has to be just as hard on them. I can't imagine having to watch Eric go through something like birth - I'd rather just do it myslef.