Monday, February 4

Cousins, Cousins

This weekend, Annelise and I went on our first outing since her arrival.  It was a big deal!  We drove 3 hours to my cousin Pam's baby shower.  Pam is due to have her little guy in just 5 weeks.  My cousin Angie also just had her baby, Wyatt James, on January 23rd.  It was fun to get the three cousins together in a few pictures, with the babies.  

Congrats Pam and Angie!

Cousins: Angie and Wyatt, Pam with baby inside, Rachael and Annelise

Cousin Pam with Wyatt James and Annelise Louise

Could they look any different?  They both look like their daddies!

Angie holding Annelise and Rachael holding Wyatt

Wyatt was born 3 weeks early and is about a pound and a half smaller than Annelise.  I thought she was small, but he is tiny!


Lee and Candace said...

Rachael, you are looking great! How cool you get get such great photos when the kiddos are so tiny!

So you can handle three hours now? When are you coming to NKY? j/k! Miss you guys!

Kara said...

It was so nice to meet you and Angie at the shower, I'm glad you could both come with your beautiful babies!