Sunday, February 10

First Bath

Ok, so before you think I'm a bad mom - or gross for that matter, let me explain.  This isn't really Anne's first bath.  But, it was her first bath without tears.  Normally when we give her a bath, she screams, literally.  She hates to be cold and naked - which is something I don't mind (especially when she's older).  But right now, even changing her diaper initiates torture like sounds from our little princess.  So, this was rare occasion in our household and we hope it continues.  Aren't bathing babies yummy?


Lee and Candace said...

Annelise, you need to learn to love baths. They are wonderful!:) Glad you had a good experience! Just wait, not too long and she'll be splashing away!

Matt and Rachael Neal said...

I'm thinking she's going to be like her mama on this one - I LOVE baths. In fact, I take a hot bubble bath just about every night and read a chapter in whatever book I'm immersed in. It's quite relaxing and gets me ready for a good night's rest...which is ironic, because I'm not getting many of those anymore. :)

Kara said...

That just might be the cutest baby-in-a-tub photo I've ever seen! And I have 4 kids!