Wednesday, February 20

The Nursery is Finally Finished!

Wow!  What a crazy busy week.  With all the snow up here, we enjoyed the first two days of the week home with daddy.  I haven't wished for a snow day so much since I was in high school. But, now that my husband's a teacher, I secretly pray for them all the time!

We finally bought a used crib for Anne and put it up yesterday.  With all the craziness of life, we just haven't had time.  So, her nursery is finally complete!   

We love all the bright colors.  And yes, this is my little girl, kicking and screaming in her new crib.  Grateful little brat, isn't she?

Oh and here's Annelise with her new little friend, Acacia Joy.  Acacia's mom, Lisa, and I were best friends all through high school.  This is her second little one - born just a week and a half after Anne.  We were hoping to spend some time in the hospital together, but Anne came too early.  Here they are sleeping in their car seats next to each other.  I have a feeling this is the calmest picture we'll get of the two of them...ever!


Noah and Liz Kamper said...

Love the nursery! I thought you were getting a crib from someone? Those stacking cups are going to be great when she's like 6 months!

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

i love her room, the colors are perfect !

Lee and Candace said...

Maybe someday she will come to appreciate all the love and hard work you put into her lovely room!:) It looks awesome!