Friday, February 1


Help!  This is the face of one unhappy little girl.  My sweet precious baby seems to have a bad case of gas.  If you read my post earlier this week, I thought it was due to some salsa I had eaten.  But, the gas hasn't gone away.  I can only assume its gas, because she arches her back, straightens her legs and lets out the world's worst blood curdling scream.  Its heart wrenching.  I've been giving her Mylicon gas drops for about a day now, but they don't seem to be helping.  I've pumped her legs, rubbed her belly, padded her back...any ideas?  I don't want to be too quick to call my pediatrician.  But, that's my next resort.  Have any of you struggled with this?  (As an FYI, she is having a normal number of wet/dirty diapers.  So, I know its not constipation.)
Otherwise, life at home is great.  We're still in the midst of a snow storm, but are inside, staying warm.  Hope you're all enjoying your Friday!  TGIF!


Pauls Family said...

Hey Rach~
Evelynn too had REALLY BAD gas and she still gets it really bad at times. When I brought Evee in to the doctor he said it is due to their digestive tracts developing for the first couple months. Sometimes it is because of what we eat, but most of the time it is just her learning how to relive it.
Umm... Advice.... This might sound funny, but after we pump her legs a bit we put her in her bouncer which has a vibration setting on it. Every time it works it works like a charm. Either we see her grunting to do a duty or we just hear her rip them. I think the vibration just calms her down and relaxes her to make it easier to pass the gas. So if you have a bouncer that has a vibration setting, try that. If you don't I actually have an extra one.
Hope this helps.

Elly'sMommy said...


Check to find the list of the most popular items that can make babies gas-y. I only remember broccoli b/c that was an issue for Elly, but there is a "top ten" list. You can also try nursing her a bit when she gets really fussy. Not only is it soothing, but a lot of times that would help Elly work out her issues without screaming like a maniac. :o) Elly was a fussy infant so for the first eight or so weeks she just cried a lot. I knew she was ok, so it didn't bother me too much. She was born with a long, dark swatch of hair right down the middle of her head and for the first two months of her life Ben called her our little screaming banshee! :o)

Lastly, don't worry about constipation. Babies that are solely breastfed can't get constipated.

Good job for sticking with it! Most women who give up breastfeeding do so withing the first three weeks so you only have one more "hard" week to go! ha!

Noah and Liz Kamper said...

Hey Rach,

Sorry she is so fussy, for you and her! My mom said try a hot water bottle on her tummy. Try nursing when she is fussy...that might help, if nothing else just to calm her down. And call the dr. You could talk with the nurse over the phone and they will have some ideas. That's what they are there for. I called a lot just to talk with the nurse, but it took me a while to be ok with it.

Hope that helps some!

Lee and Candace said...

You could try a colic hold and see if that helps. Sorry, I'm still a new mom with not much experience. I would probably at least call my doctor for advice.

Anonymous said...

If shes any way like the rest of the Bartletts its typical to have gas.

Anonymous said...

Try rubbing her stomach in a circle motion if that dont work try patting her back