Tuesday, July 15

The Second Leg of Our Vacation

We left Lake City on Tuesday, July 8th and drove 8 hours to Flora, Illinois.  Matt's mom grew up there and we went to visit his maternal grandparents who hadn't met Annelise yet. 

Matt's parents, Lora and Jim Neal and the three of us on grandma's porch.

Matt's sweet grandmother, Ilene and grandpa, Zazel Kinnaman.
Grandpa Zazel and Annelise.  She was a little cranky that night.

The three Kinnaman girls.  Lora (Matt's mom), Aunt Lesa and Grandma.

Anne was pretty pooped out when we took this picture, but I thought it was sweet.

All in all, we had a wonderful visit to Flora, Illinois.  Now on to our next leg of the trip...

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