Tuesday, July 15

The Third and Final Leg

We left Flora, Illinois on Thursday morning and drove an hour and a half to Fort Branch, Indiana. There, we stayed the night with Matt's Aunt Lesa and her family.  They bought and old historic home and are fixing it up.  It was another great night with family. 

Nanna Neal spending some much long-awaited time with Annelise.

Matt's sister Sarah and her husband Willie.  Aren't they cute?

Our niece Savannah opening presents for her 5th birthday.

Papa and Annelise taking a nap.  We have a picture of him sleeping (mouth gaping) with each of the grandchildren. 

Mommy and Annelise playing on the floor.  The cute stroller in the background was my big garage sale find that day.  Only $3 and practically brand new.  Yeehaw!

Aunt Sarah, cousin Mia and Annelise playing on the floor.  We loved relaxing on our trip!

Well, our trip ended in Northern Kentucky, our former home.  We sure do miss that area and all of the friends we made there.  It was such a wonderful time and we are happy to be home now.  


The Talberts said...

I loved all of the pictures! Glad you guys had a great time.

crystalkurt413 said...

What a small world. I grew up in Ft. Branch and my parents still live there!:-)

Pam said...

Your vacation looks really busy, but lots of fun! I can't wait to go next week.