Wednesday, July 2

Update & Vacation

Life has been extremely busy for us.  It seems like summer is going by so quickly.  My mom reminded me today and we need to update our blog with more pictures.  Unfortunately, we haven't taken any.  So, instead, I'm posting a video on Anne eating some cereal at grandma's.  She sounds like she is crying, but its more like a singing scream.  

And lastly, we're leaving for vacation early Friday morning!  We will be traveling a lot - spending time with my extended family and Matt's.  We'll be back on the 14th.

Happy Fourth!


Pam said...

Too Funny! Evan does almost the same thing. You think he's whining but really he's just gearing up for the next bite.
Are you going to be around Saginaw at all? Let me know and we'll get together this time.

krissy said...

Good to know she's just singing becase otherwise I would have thought there was hot sauce in that cereal!