Monday, April 27

Food Poisoning

Yesterday, we went to the Wild Chef, a wonderful Japanese Hibachi restaurant.  

On Sundays, they have a lunch special that we really enjoy.  

I had a craving all through church that wouldn't subside.

So, my husband gratiously gave the mention of sushi.

I knew I had him at sushi.

We went, in the pouring rain.  But it was worth it.

Cooked right in front of our eyes.  Beautiful.

I had the delicate shrimp, Matt had the chicken with a sushi appetizer.  

Annelise ate the rice from my plate.

We came home, took a long nap, falling asleep to the rain pelting our bedroom window. 

I woke up to Matt in the bathroom.  Doesn't sound good.

He's sick.  I guess we won't be doing our mission trip presentation in church tonight.

Sitting on the couch, pondering my husband sickness and it origin, I start to feel queasy.

"Surely, after 4 months of pregnancy and never throwing up, today wouldn't be the day."

I've had food poisoning before.  It comes on like a flash.

And in a flash, I was in the bathroom.  

I haven't felt that sick in years.

Annelise came to my rescue.  Well, kind of.  She giggled at the site of mommy sitting on the potty with a trash can in her hand.

Daddy came to the rescue...sort of.  He doesn't do well with vomit.

Good thing we have two couches.  We utilized them the remainder of the evening.

At 9 I was able to eat a bowl of cereal.

Woke up this morning as good as new.  

Except, haunted by the thought of Wild Chef.  My favorite restaurant.  Now on the bad list.


The Kampers said...

so sad! Glad it wasn't much more than that!

Kara said...

Just terrible. But that's what you get for eating sushi. jk!

Jerry, Katie and Quinn said...

Oh man. Jerry and I both had food poisoning this last summer on the worst possible day. We both woke up at the same time throwing up. Just a few hours later I had to fly across the US with 2 layovers (20 weeks prego) and Jerry had to move us from one apartment to another. I don't wish that on anyone.

The Neals said...

kara - i wish i had eaten sushi. then it would have been worth it! but, because i'm preggers, i witheld!

katie - i cannot imagine flying with food poisoning and being pregnant. flying while pregnant is bad enough!