Wednesday, April 22

Pregnancy: 15 wks 5 days

I'm almost 4 months pregnant and hardly know it.

Other than the fact that I'm already in the clothes I wore at 6 months the first time around.

And the fact that I have sciatic nerve pain, which didn't happen the first time.

Oh and other than I'm craving everything from pickles to twinkies.

Lest I sound like I'm complaining...

It's wonderful to be preoccupied with a 15 month old.

Knowing this pregnancy is going to spring itself on me a lot faster than the first.

Did I mention we don't have air conditioning and I'm due October 9?

I've neglected my blood test for the past two appointments.

I think my doctor might be upset.

I made her do an ultrasound last time to be sure there was only one baby in there.

There was only one.  

Somedays I put Annelise in her car seat and wonder what it will be like to have two carseats

a diaper bag

my purse

a double stroller

and then I stop wondering because I'm getting a stomach ache.

Or is that another craving?

My family is thrilled about another baby on the way.

3 grandchildren in 2 years.

Yes, you could liken us to a baby making factory.

My theory

I hate being pregnant.

I love the babies.

So, lets bring them on fast and furious.

Then we're done.

Matt doesn't agree.

That could be a hindrance to getting this child bearing stage done quickly.

Although, I might have the upper hand.

I think this is enough for today.  

I feel better already.


Kimberly said...

This is the most halarious post you've ever done. :)

The Kampers said...

too funny! And all so very very true!

Kelly Glupker said...

Very funny. I can totally relate, except that I don't carry a purse anymore. I say ditch the purse.

krissy said...

I'm with you. if i could have babies without pregnancy i'd have 10.
I juggle 3 car seats in a jeep cherokee. I've pinched/banged/squished each child at least once but it works. :-)

Kara said...

You are funny!
And I know exactly how you feel when you say baby making factory. You're in good company.

Jess and Eric said...

that made us both laugh... good luck :)

Krista Bartlett said...

You are going to be a great mother of two. I just tell people that I don't know anything other than having two kids close together so I will just think it is the norm. As everything in life it just seems to happen and then be over so quickly... so make sure to enjoy because we'll never get this time back.