Thursday, April 30

3 More Weeks?

I saw my doctor yesterday.

Does anyone else find every other pregnancy after the first to be so much less dramatic?

I never forgot anything in my first pregnancy: blood tests, urine samples, etc.

I forgot my urine sample again.

And the blood test.  Oh well.

Amazingly, I didn't gain any weight.  Well...that's not true.  I gained 4 ounces.

I attribute no weight gain to our Costa Rica trip.

We're dying to know the gender of the baby.  We have to wait 3 more weeks.

This weekend we're switching Anne's room and the office.

This will give her a bigger space, especially since she'll be sharing it come October.  

I'm excited to post before/after pictures.


Kara said...

By kid #5 I was happy if I remembered to go to my appointment at all!

I'm predicting a girl. :)

Tate said...

I think its funny that your OB requires you to bring your urine with you! Cant they just have you pee in a cup when you get there? I am feeling boy on this one...

The Kampers said...

yeah, why can't they do a urine sample at the office? OOOO fun, I can't wait to see before and after photos too! Are the kids going to share even if this baby is a boy?

The Neals said...

i guess i could do a sample at the office, but they always wants the first morning's urine. weird.

yeah, whether its a girl or boy, they are going to share. fortunately, anne's bedding and decor is from ikea and gender neutral. so, it will fit with any child. i'm secretly hoping for a boy, although a girl would be convenient.

we'll be happy either way!

Krista Bartlett said...

I love that you will be having the kids share. Spence is going to be sharing with our new little one... regardless of gender. Hopefully we have the same sex. That would be fun. We will both know in three weeks. Mine will hopefully be born and you will have your ultrasound. It is all too amazing!

Lee and Candace said...

I find it to be less dramatic for sure. You know it's not your first miss your appt. cause you get your days mixed up, but still go to the office on the day you THINK it is. Oopps!