Friday, April 17

A Morning at Home

Bottle or scrap paper?  Scrap paper of course!

My living room became a playroom while I was gone.  I will be changing that.  I have this thing about rooms being what they are designed to be.  Bedrooms are for sleeping.  Bathrooms are for bathing.  Living rooms are for living.  Playrooms are for playing.  So, the toys will be moving back to Annelise' bedroom today.  No tv in there, no distractions.  Just playing.

I also came home to a professional fit thrower.

A little girl's dream.  Nanny Neal brought a dollhouse with her.

Annelise loves the little rooms.  She even "sits" the people on the couch.

I found the legs of this girl poking out of Annelise' mouth.  I think we need to talk about eating the children versus playing with them.  Apparently to her, they are interchangeable.

Annelise has enjoyed this morning more than most.   Mommy is home after 8 days away.  No rushing to get ready and go somewhere.  No work.  No cleaning.  Just babytime.  I think she's loving the attention.  And I know mommy is enjoying it too!


The Kampers said...

So glad your home and enjoying that sweet girl! Can't wait to hear all about the trip!

The Talberts said...

I just looked at the pictures you linked to in your last post. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to hear more about it.

I thought this whole time that Annelise was with you guys. I bet you really missed her!