Wednesday, July 29

Hello Again.

We have been a busy clan.  I know this because I'm always so prompt with downloading pictures from my camera.  When I plugged it in today, I noticed I had three separate events on there!  Yeah, that sounds lame.  Welcome to the life of a type A personality.  Moving right along...

This is Annelise with her 5 month old cousin Alayna.  13 months separates them.  Yet, they are only 4 pounds and 2 inches different in size.

Its Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven.  We enjoyed Worship on the Waterfront with Papa and Granny - oh and Avalon.  Doesn't Annelise look like such a big girl in this picture?

She looks pretty stylin' in these, if I do say so myself.

For the past few days we've had college friends visiting.  Aaron, Emily and Miles Cope and my roommate, Becca joined us for some fun in West Michigan.  Miles loves the tire swing with his daddy.

Emily was wonderful to help me chase Annelise around the playground.  My pregnant self isn't moving too fast these days.

Annelise and Miles - They loved each other as much as is possible being two first born, only children.

Daddy & Annelise enjoying some time at the beach.

You know, we were all friends at Moody before any of us starting dating or got married.  Its such a fun story!  And none of us has changed much...which also makes for a very fun visit. We are so blessed to know them.  They will all be our friends for life!

Annelise and Miles playing together before they left.  Anne cried for 20 minutes when Miles was gone.  She kept saying "Bye Bye."

Aaron, Emily & Miles Cope.  We love you guys!


The Kampers said...

Don't you love friends like that!? So glad you got time together!

Pam said...

I love the grin on Annelise's face in the picture with Miles. So adorable.
I can't believe how big Alayna is!! I just want to squeeze her. Evan was like that and now that he thinned out, I miss all the baby chubby. It's the best!