Wednesday, July 22

Kentucky Trip

Ok, so I've been lazy.  We returned from our trip to Kentucky on Monday, but I haven't been the least bit interested in blogging about it.  Probably because once we got home, we jumped straight into work again.  And boy is there a lot to get done before I go on maternity leave in October. 
We were thrilled that Lee & Candace Nordine welcomed their sweet, baby girl, Ana Christina while we were in Kentucky.  We were even able to make an unexpected visit to the hospital.

Matt and his parents doing what we love to do: eat.

Visiting Kentucky wouldn't be the same if we didn't play some cornhole. 

Aunt Sarah enjoying some time with Annelise.

Me, taking my turn at cornhole, which is much harder to play when you're top heavy!  And for all of you wanting to see the baby belly, well there's no missing it.
Sarah and Mom playing cornhole.
Sarah's husband, Willie, laughing at something.  He's good at that!

Cousin Mia or "Mima" as Annelise likes to call her.
Playing outside at Nana's.

Nanny and Paw Paw with Annelise, before we left for home.

What a fun trip!


Lee and Candace said...

Thanks so much for visiting us guys and taking time away from your family to do so. We appreciate your friendship! We can't wait to meet baby Neal! Hmm..maybe we need to plan a trip up to MI in October.:)

The Neals said...

it was so fun to see you! and you know you're always welcome up this way. we'd love for you to meet elliora in person when she arrives!

The Talberts said...

what a fun trip! although .. i can't believe i missed you again. i was lingering around the nursery check in desk for a bit between first and second services, but the delay was too much for my kids. glad you had a great time!