Monday, July 13

Wedding Weekend

My little sister Leah got married Saturday.  It was a beautiful, simple ceremony with family and friends.  Needless to say, after a week of preparing, decorating the church Friday, rehearsal and dinner and the whole event day on Saturday, we're pretty exhausted.  I sometimes forget I'm pregnant, which might be why I'm feeling so under the weather.  In the works today, laundry. That's it.  Oh and enjoying my sweet baby.  


The Talberts said...


Pam said...

She was beautiful!! Hannah is still talking about how pretty her dress was.
It was nice to see you again. We SERIOUSLY need to get together more often.
Take it easy today!!

Lee and Candace said...

Hey laundry is on my list today too:) I love how your earrings match Matt's shirt!:)

Kentucky Kate said...

Yeah, pregnancy and weddings are the two top things that can take it out of you. Hope you sit down a lot and get some good rest!