Wednesday, July 29

Pregnancy Update

Even in the midst of a busy summer, I have managed to carve out time for my OB visits.  Maybe that sounds surprising to you, but it just hasn't been much of a priority this time around.  15 minutes in the doctor's office for them to tell me I am still pregnant and have gained weight doesn't sound too appealing.  Can you blame me?

At any rate, I have felt much bigger this time, much more movement from the baby and have been increasingly more uncomfortable.  Lest you think I'm complaining, I'm really not disliking this pregnancy as much as the first.  It has really flown by.  

My doctor confirmed a lot that I had been feeling today.  Apparently I am measuring almost 3 weeks ahead.  The baby's legs are extremely long (which explains my inability to find a comfortable position other than standing).  And I gained 7 pounds.  That brings my total to 15 pounds.  Not bad.  

So, we're either going to have our little girl early, our big girl on time, or our abnormally large girl late.  Doesn't leave you with much, huh?


Anonymous said...

Could those two girls look any cuter?

Granny Bartlett

Lee and Candace said...

15 min. at the Dr.? Tell me your secret? Sounds nice to me...try waiting an hour and then only seeing the Dr. for 2 min...only to tell you, you are still pregnant and you have gained weight:)

You looked so good when we saw you! Hang in there!

Kelly Glupker said...

Good for you on the low weight gain! 3 weeks ahead . . . wow! Maybe she'll come early - won't that be nice? You need to post a picture! I love reading pregnancy updates, thanks for sharing.

The Kampers said...

15 pounds!?! You are my hero! I think with Elliot I gained....oh let's just not even mention it k?

Glad you are still pregnant:)

Krista Bartlett said...

What good accountability to post your baby weight gain on your blog. I will have to try that next time.
I am completely in agreement about the waste of time at the doctors. My older sister only went to 2 OB appointments with her last baby (#5). I think it gets worse with each one.