Tuesday, December 1

Will Elli Make It to Her First Birthday?

Sometimes Anne loves her sister too much.

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Lee and Candace said...


Cara said...

Tessa + Graham = same thought. :) Joe could care less. They are siblings through and through. Anne will learn. Give it time and she'll be your best help... not your set back. You're an amazing mom.

Stevensons said...

Random, but I found you when I searched "rash on face milk allergy baby"...my little girl has a rash that looks just like your little babys and I started soy TODAY because I was wondering if she had a milk allergy or intolerance!! I'm interested to hear what you're doing now. Are you breastfeeding again? Did you just take dairy out of your diet? What worked? Hopefully I don't seem creepy but its nice to find your story! Audrey is my baby and she has been SO cranky since she was a couple weeks old. She squirms and seems like her stomach hurts a lot. She has had a rash pretty much since she was 3 weeks old. The dr said it was seborrea(sp?) and that it'd go away around 12 weeks but she's 3 1/2 months and it's still going strong. Anyway...right now i'm doing the pump/dump thing and giving her soy. I figured I'd do this for a few days and see if she is happier. I was happy to see your babies rash go away so quickly. Gives me hope!!

Rachael Neal said...

Hi Stevenson Reader!

I'm so glad you found my blog - and do not think you're creepy for stalking. I know how frustrating the whole "pump/dump" saga can be. I've actually stopped pumping and allowed my milk supply to go away. Elli is on straight soy formula and loving it. She is a totally different baby - much more content, no rash (though she still gets the occasional breakout, I think she just has sensitive skin). All in all, I was super disappointed to stop breast feeding, but am happy to know that my baby is healthy. I'm not sure if she has a milk allergy, or if there was something else in my diet bothering her. I didn't want to take the time to figure it out. We're completely satisfied with using the soy formula for now. I may reintroduce some of my frozen breastmilk later on to see if she reacts the same way.

Hope things turn out well for you and your little one!