Sunday, November 29

It Goes So Fast

I feel like Thanksgiving just flew right by us this year.  We enjoyed a wonderful time with my parents.  It was a little strange, being just the four of us, but kind of nice too.  A quiet dinner and dessert followed by great conversation and football.  One of the more low key Thanksgivings that I can remember.

And now, my living room has been rearranged to make room for the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree that adorns our front window.  Our mantel is full of Christmas ivy, stockings, ornaments and candles, all singing their own little Christmas tune.  I love this time of year.

I'm just hoping it doesn't whiz past me as quickly as the other holidays have.


The Kampers said...

First of all...don't know how long the new look has been new, but I like it! Second, it's it funny that everyone is grown up in your family? And they have other places to go? And third, have you guys done away with the tradition of dinner at the mission?

The Talberts said...

Sheesh. Thanksgiving time flew by for us, too! I wanted more time to just sink into it.

I love low-key holidays. Last year everyone besides Eli and I got a flu virus over Christmas and although we missed everyone, it was sort of nice to just have a mellow, relaxed celebration. :)

Rachael Neal said...

Liz - yes, very weird that everyone is grown and has their own places to be on the holidays! we still do the mission dinner (its the night before) but this year we all had to work at wireless zone. :)