Monday, March 15

Crazy March

Today is the first Monday I've had at home in a while.  Not much on the agenda, mostly because I worked my tail off all weekend to keep the house clean and laundry moving.  Needless to say, I didn't sit down a whole lot, except to watch a movie with my hubby.  That was nice.

The girls are doing great.  Annelise is growing so much, intellectually that is.  She is speaking almost full sentences, loves to say the word "ok" after everything, and is beginning to enjoy her sister much more these days.  She's almost 26 months old, but still wearing 18 month clothing.  I was ecstatic when I bought her a 2T dress at Old Navy (in hopes that she would wear it in the fall) and it fits now.  That doesn't happen often.  She's a peanut in size, but definitely not in personality.  I think she gets that from both of her parents.

Elli is 5 months old.  At the risk of sounding cliche, where did the time go?  I can tell you this, it goes so much faster with your second child.  Annelise was an insanely easy baby - and Elli, well she's giving us a run for our money.  Allergies to dairy, projectile vomiting and diarrhea (yes, projectile diarrhea exists) and wearing 12 month clothes at 5 months...its all new to me.  She is almost 16 pounds and 26 inches long (50 and 75th percentiles), started saying "bada dada" this weekend and is wanting to roll over really bad.  Boy I love her.

Matt is enduring his busiest season at school.  Lesson planning, planning for Spring Break Mission Trip to Mexico and other events happening before school ends.  Lets just say, lots of planning.

I am also pretty busy at work.  Its amazing to me that I am accomplishing what used to be a 40 hour a week job in 20-25 hours a week (only two days in the office).  God has been so gracious to us!  And, I still absolutely love what I do.  I've established a pretty good system for being mom and Development Associate (not mention Marketing Director for Wireless Zone, wife, house keeper, youth leader, sister, daughter...).  I feel like God has our family at a really good place right now.  Yes, its stressful at times (lots of the time), but we are putting our greatest efforts toward the most important things - raising Godly children, giving to ministries and loving our Lord.

This was a good post for me today.  A great way to start the week...reminding myself of all of our blessings.  I think I'll tag this one for future reading.


The Kampers said...

What a little chunk Elli is! Your mom was telling me that when we were there this week. Sorry we missed you! It was fun to see Matt though on Saturday. Next time we are down, we will make it work!

Pam said...

Your girls are adorable! I can't believe how little Anne is. Evan has to be a giant next to her. He's into 2T and weighs 27 pounds. He was like Elliora when he was little like her.

Lee and Candace said...

Your girls are so cute. I'm so glad you are getting in a routine with your work and finding balance! What a blessing!