Tuesday, March 30

Potty Training Bloopers

Hmph.  I never like to admit that I'm wrong.  But, lest my husband think its impossible, I'm doing it in a very public way. 

Matthew, you were right, Annelise is not ready to potty train yet.

There, I said it.

Yesterday was a long Monday for us.  Daddy had to work a 13 hour day with lots of meetings, so mommy thought it would be a great day to potty train.


Annelise had other plans. 

She started out strong, really she did.  We went the naked route, no panties or socks.  Just a t-shirt.  She got up on the potty several times by herself, but didn't go.

"I can't do it." 

Then, I found her in the living room.  "What are you doing, honey?"

"Oh, I just tooted."

"Um, no actually you just pooped on the floor and you're standing in it with your bare foot."

If you could have seen the horrified look on her face...oh it was priceless.

We got her all cleaned up, disinfected the floor 10 times and began again. 

Until she peed on the floor.

I decided that was enough potty training for the day.  I think we'll wait until the summer time when daddy can help.


Kelly Glupker said...

Don't be too discouraged. My first few days were like that with Owen. I have pictures of piles of poop to prove it (and poopy footprints all throughout my apartment). :) But in two weeks he was fully trained!

Kentucky Kate said...

Yeah, I've learned over and over again that you can't potty train them until they are ready. And trying is just a recipe for your own insanity. We're in the middle of that battle now too. I also just raised the white flag and said I'd try again later.

Kara said...

I love potty training in the summer! I just take the little potty right out in the backyard and away we go.

The Kampers said...

Right there with ya sista! We tried and failed with Forrest a couple of months ago...it will be summer before we work at it again. And that's ok. I really am trusting he won't start kindergarten with diapers...although with homeschooling in the jungles of Honduras, I don't think it would matter! The monkeys won't laugh at him.:)

Angie, Jon, Ty & Wyatt said...

Well, we've been kind of successful with Wyatt, he'll go maybe once or twice a day when we ask him or if Ty is going, but usually its "No, I don't wanna go". So instead of fighting a battle that will only resurface once this baby arrives, I've pretty much quit. We have to face buying two sets of diapers...YUCK!

Paulina said...

I think you've heard it a million times - but she WILL do it when she's ready! I would encourage her but not push her, and I think one day she will surprise you :)

the Pie family said...

sounds exactly what happened at our house just a couple months ago. i decided to wait till summer too, and when daddy can help. potty training is A LOT of work, especially when the potty-goer isn't quite ready. hoping your round 2 is successful!

Pam said...

I started, for a day or two. But ended up stopping. I'm just going to wait until this baby comes. He's just not ready and doesn't care that there is poop in his pants.