Friday, March 26

Deanna's Playhouse

We have this wonderful place in town called Deanna's Playhouse. 

Its every mother's dream.  We all love the comfort of home when it comes to playdates, but dread the cleanup afterwards.  DP has all the comfort of home with so many more toys than I could ever offer.  Lots of room to run, play music, create pictures, rest and grocery shop (for kids of course!).  We went this morning and it was a great way to spend the morning.  Now the kiddos are sleeping, I'm running a few loads of laundry and dreaming about our wonderful menu for guests tonight: roasted vegetables with olive oil mayo dressing, toasted ciabatta bread, fresh salad and chicken lasagna.  Mmmm....


rkswaney said...

It sounds like a wonderful place!

The Talberts said...

How fun! It kind of sounds like the Children's Museum here in Cincinnati?

Your dinner sounds wonderful. :)