Wednesday, April 28


I love it when God intervenes.

If you read my last post...with're probably slightly anticipating the post I promised about the terrible twos we've entered.

Of course, before I was able to go on what would have probably been a sinful rant, the Lord intervened.

Thank you, Father.

A dear coworker, friend and much wiser woman counseled me on Tuesday about Annelise' sudden disobedient attitude and kindly suggested a new approach. 

Which I have tried...with much success.

Again, thank you, Father. (I think Annelise is thanking Him too!)

We've stopped the majority of our spanking with Annelise and moved to a much more successful method of consequence and reward.  Basically, if she doesn't obey, she loses something very special to her (her blankie) until she proves that she is ready to obey.

Oh the peace we have experienced today!

Our house is a little quieter, certainly more calm and much, much more God-honoring.  Which is the goal, right?

Thank you, Father.

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Krista Bartlett said...

Sometimes blankies are more valuable then buns.