Monday, June 28


 Summer is here and we are enjoying all that comes with it.  Like daddy being home more.

 And learning to crawl - wearing only a diaper of course.

 Cutting new teeth and being happy about it.

 Playing with playdough in our underwear and two different shoes.

 Evaluating growth charts and realizing your girls are 21 months apart, but wearing the same size.

 Snacking on the floor and giving kisses.

 Staying up way past our bedtime...just because.

 Woah...look at that booty!

 Sun-kissed noses...

Whispers on the porch.

Oh and a new microwave.  We're enjoying the small things in life that make everything else so worth while.  Hope you're enjoying your summer too!


Lee and Candace said...

This post was so cute! Thanks for sharing the "small things."

Cara said...

3 things:
Joe and Anne have the same adorable brown shorts with rainbows

Joe and Graham are in the same size too - if not the same, Graham is bigger in the torso

And our kids seem so similar - like Joe is still in 18 mo too, (that's from a post a long time ago) and our "little" ones are so happy about life! Cannot wait to see you and your family - Happy Summer Neals!!