Monday, June 21

Week Ending

Summer weekends are the best.  Daddy is home on Friday, which made for a fun trip to the pool.  Although, we all went home with a little more sun than we bargained for.  It always takes me a good burn or two to get into the sunscreen rhythm.  Thankfully, Elli got coated pretty well and Anne has already turned tan.  I should have figured she'd end up with her daddy's skin tone - she's like him in every other way.  But, I digress. 

Saturday was filled with garage sale steals.  Anne even ended up with a princess bicycle for $5.  We also had to make the fun purchase of a microwave.  Ugh!  Ours blew last week...but I guess I can't complain.  It was free to begin with.  So, we found something pretty, functional and within the budget.  Ripping the old microwave out was no problem...getting the new one in almost cost us our marriage.  The conclusion: hire someone who knows what their doing...and stay in love.  Ha ha! 

Father's Day started with coffee (well, what else would it start with?), breakfast in bed for daddy and a homemade card.  Annelise told me Happy Birthday...then Happy Mother's Day...before she finally got that it was Father's Day.  Once she caught on, she congratulated Matt all day.  We spent the afternoon at my parents' house, laughing and enjoying the pool.

Today, we're enjoying the aftermath of a very busy weekend.  One child is already taking a morning nap and the other is watching toonies.  Mommy has banana bread baking in the oven and is also procrastinating on the laundry moaning from the basement.

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