Tuesday, June 1

True Woman | A Prayer for Women

In light of my recent blog post "Why I Work" and some of the discussion that followed, I was encouraged by a woman I work with to read this article written by John Piper.  If you're a woman of God then you must be familiar with Piper's writings.  He is a true lover of the Lord and has inspired me over the years to build a deeper relationship with my Savior.  (I must also note that he is exceptionally deep, so I'm not offended if some of you are put off by his "brain freezing" writings.  Its takes me longer to read one of his books than any other.)

I hope that you are encouraged by this prayer, an excerpt from his book "Biblical Manhood and Womanhood"...in whatever role God has called you to fulfill.

For me, I especially resonated with answering this question:  Which would be greater for the Kingdom—to work for someone who tells you what to do to make his or her business prosper, or to be God's free agent dreaming your own dream about how your time and your home and your creativity could make God's business prosper?

I have to say that my ability to work for a Christian organization that serves the KINGDOM and God's purposes while allowing me to be flexible with my family's needs is the greatest blessing I have as a working mother.

I'd love to hear what portions of this prayer about womanhood you resonate with and are encouraged by.  I love you my sisters!

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Cara said...

"God's free agent" makes me realize that even though I may dream about what the next 5 years may look like for my family, He ultimately knows what is going to happen and He can do anything! Ask, Seek, Knock... His Kingdom prospers everyday in me as I seek to follow Him for today. I know that my dream can come true because I serve a good God, and I also know that if the dream I have today isn't in line with His will, He will carefully change my perspective through teaching me patience.