Tuesday, August 3

Another Summer Road Trip

We're back from another trip south, this time to see Matt's maternal grandparents in Flora, Illinois.

After three, long road trips this summer (and more in our near future), mommy decided the purchase of a dual DVD player was warranted.  I think it was our wisest purchase yet.

Here is a synopsis of our trip in photos.

And in other news: Promptly after arriving home, Elli decided to start walking with the help of her stroller.  I think after 18 hours in the car this weekend, she probably felt like running.  Time is getting away from me and my kids are growing up too fast. 


Angie, Jon, Ty, Wyatt & Levi said...

Wow Rach, I think Elli is really starting to look like you when you were little, especially in that red outfit.

Pam said...

I completely agree with Angie. She is starting to have your looks. Now you and Matt both have one that looks like you.
I think the smile Elli has in the pic with Matt's dad at the wedding is SOOOO cute!

Lee and Candace said...

I think Elli looks like you in so many of these pictures.:)