Thursday, August 19

Elli Grace - 10 Months

Ok, so this is less about updating the world and more about remembering for the future.

Elli had her 9 month check up yesterday (at 10 months old).  We're a little behind with number two.  But, who's counting?  Oh, the doctor, right.  She is 21.25 pounds and 27 inches long.  Her height has slowed down, but not her weight.  What am I trying to say?...she's short and chubby.  At least those were the doctor's words.  I think she's just right.

Both of my kids usually run a light fever after their vaccinations.  But Elli was up all night with a high fever, screaming.  I was a little alarmed when her fever reach 103, but it appears the Tylenol is helping to keep it low.  Unfortunately the flu is going I'm not certain if she's reacting to the shots or if the shots just magnified what she was already getting.

Oh well, she is happily sleeping in bed with enough Tylenol to keep her comfortable for a few more hours.  And I'm drinking coffee, knowing as soon as I close my eyes to sleep, she will probably need mommy.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your posts, Rachael! Your children are lucky to have such good parents! Us grandparents think that is mighty important! Keep it up!
~Aunt Cathy

Anonymous said...

How is Elli? Your mom said she had a rash. Did she have her chicken pox vaccine?
Hope she perks up fast...
Can't wait to see you on Saturday for the wedding!!!!!