Sunday, August 29

They're Married!

My last sister got married yesterday.  It was a beautiful day for a very fun wedding!  I stole these pictures from my cousin's facebook.  We were so busy with wedding stuff, I didn't get time to snap any on my own. 

 Sarah wore the dress my mom wore 30 years ago.  She was stunning!

 Annelise relished the task of flower girl.  She thought this was HER wedding.

 True to their personalities, Jasper and Sarah danced out of the ceremony as husband and wife.  Natalie Cole's "Everlasting Love" was the song of choice.

 Leah, Sarah's twin, cried the entire ceremony.  I couldn't help but cry, knowing the bond that they have as sisters.  I remember changing their diapers and now they are both married.

 Jasper is such a ham - a perfect match for Sarah!

The flower girls, anxiously awaiting their duties.  It was a long day for two little girls.


Kimberly said...

Seriously, your little girl is about the cutest thing ever...and that dress! Yes, stunning. And your mom wore it THIRTY years ago??? That's very cool. :)

Pam said...

That was such a beautiful wedding. You could tell with every element that they want God to be the center of their life together.
You and Anne were beautiful!!!

krissy said...

Dora was in a wedding the same day and also thought it was her wedding! I'm trying to get pictures up soon.