Monday, August 16

Monday Fun Day

I just have to say that Monday is one of my favorite days.  I know, many of you are groaning.  But honestly, its my catch up day after a fun (and often long) weekend.  And today I'm especially happy because it was a lazy weekend, which means there's not much to catch up on.  The house stayed fairly clean, the laundry kept rolling (that really never ends) and my kids are rested.  So, we're going to make Monday a fun day and head to the pool.  School starts in a few weeks, which means we'll be back into a hectic routine with not much give.  I'm going to soak up all the free time we can get until then!

In other news, Elli is going in for her 9 month appointment this week - even though she's 10 months.  I'm a little behind with number 2.  She started walking with a little help this week and I'm afraid she's going to be walking on her own before her first birthday.  Where did the time go?

Annelise is fully potty trained, but has hit a spurt of accident ridden days.  I'm ready for this stage to be OVER.  Peed panties are no fun, especially for a mommy who always has lots of laundry to do.

And, last but certainly not least, we have scored a second, FREE window air conditioner (until we can afford full blown a/c next year).  Which means the house went from 84 to 69 in a matter of two days.  I'm loving it!  Matt was even complaining that it was too cold last night.  Bahahaha...nothing is too cold for me in this heat.  "Put a sweatshirt on" I said.  There's something grossly satisfactory about wearing a sweatshirt indoors during the heat of the day.  Did I mention I'm loving it?

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