Wednesday, April 13

God at Work

As promised, here is an update about our trip to Honduras.  I have bolded the heading for easy reading and skipping ahead for those that just want a quick summary.

Who went.  Our team consisted of 12 people - 8 high school students and 4 adults.  We had an even number of boys and girls, which was very convenient.

Where we landed.  We flew into San Pedro Sula and made our three hour trip to Sequatepeque.  It was a beautiful trip.  Our final destination was La Providencia children's home.  What a wonderful ministry!

What we did.  Our team had two main objectives: build a playground and conduct a three-day VBS.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Well, the work project was quite a challenge.  We spent the first day digging 10-16 inch deep holes in clay and rock.  Once those were finished, we filled them with cement that we hand-mixed.  And the last day, we built a concrete, mortar and cement frame for a slide.  All in all, we built a swing set, teeter totter, monkey bars, and buried tires.  Our kids also did a fantastic job helping to lead a VBS at a local church (completely in Spanish) where over 120 kids attended.

Our organization.  We partnered with LeaderTreks (which I highly recommend for teen trips).  They focus on building servant leadership in students while ministering to the native people.  During the trip we studied the book of James and had in depth meetings each night that helped us to debrief our experiences, document what God was doing in our life, and learn how to implement that work into our lives back home.  Our motto was: We are not here to be serve, but to serve.

The impact.  Several of our students had never been on an airplane before...a few had never been on a mission trip.  Seeing the poverty in Honduras affected them.  Many came home with a firm belief that God is leading them to serve after high school.  All of them were impacted for eternity.  I was so proud to be part of their team.  They led in extraordinary ways and took risks that God honored.

Every time I go on a mission trip, wherever it may be, my worldview is broadened.  I am reminded that God is sovereign, He rules the earth, and He wants to see people come to know Him.  I'm humbled that He uses us in the process.

Thank you for your support and your prayers!


Liz K said...

ok, so you make me antsy to be done with language school right now!
So glad you got to go! What a fantastic time for the kids and you guys!

Lee and Candace said...

Thanks for your update Rachael!