Saturday, April 16

Refining Frugality

I think frugality is somewhat like spirituality.  Just when you think you've got it down, you realize how far you have to go.  I've learned a few valuable (and humbling) lessons in the past few weeks that are saving us money.

Lesson 1:  Diapers.  Two kids and hundreds (maybe even thousands) of diapers later, I've jumped on the cloth diapering train.  Well, I actually still have one foot dragging slightly on the ground.

Coming back from Honduras I experienced a bit of reverse culture shock.  I was prepared.  I've been on many oversees trips and knew what to expect.  Or so I thought.  That was until I went to Meijer on Monday to grab a few things.  A pack of diapers was on the list, so I sauntered over to the aisle to find my trusty box of Dry Babies.  Can't beat $14.99 for 82 diapers, right?  Of course, Meijer decided to STOP selling their diaper brand while I was out of the country.  What?  No, I'm not going to pay $4 more for a name brand with less diapers in the box.  And NO, I'm not going to drive across town with gas prices soaring to get a box of diapers. 

So, I grabbed a handful of cloth diapers and angrily left the store.

I guess in my sinful attitude you could say the Lord showed me grace.  I actually really like the cloth diapers that I got.  Easy to use, easy to clean...and I'm not throwing them away!  We're still using disposables on the days I work and at night.  But, 5 days out of the week we're saving money...and I like that.

Lesson 2:  Bread.  Such a simple staple to have around the house.  So, why are we always out of it.  And why am I always running to the store for it when I have a breadmaker in my kitchen and flour in my cupboard?  Duh!  Reevaluating my grocery list is a huge part of our savings.  Do we really need the things that are on there?  Or do we THINK we need the things that are on there?

Sometimes its the little things that we don't recognize that cost us the most money.  So, we're rethinking things...refining our frugality.

I'll probably have this whole homemaking thing down when my kids are gone.  Hm.  Then I'll have to write a book, I guess.


Krista Bartlett said...

Love it Rachael. We could all use a swift kick in the butt with being frugal every once and a while. Thanks for the motivation!

Heather V said...

I LOVE LOVE saving money and I do get into ruts where I feel I can do more! Good post! Also...I get my diapers from, usually $3-$8 for a pack of 150 diapers!! I do it using a combo of Parenting Magazine 20% off coupon, 30% off for signing up for amazon mom and subscribe and save, plus FREE money that I earn using swagbucks!! Love it!

Pam said...

I refine my frugality less often than I should. Thanks for the reminder. Because I stay at home, I make the budget my job and saving money contributes but whew! It's work. There are things that seriously need to be put to rest and we need to be done spending on them. Others, I think I'm too cheap.
Thanks again for your honesty. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

The Brink's said...

What type/brand of Cloth Diapers are you using?

Rachael Neal said...

I did absolutely no research on cloth diapers...hence the split decision. So, I'm using Cutey Baby - its a brand that Meijer carries...made by a real mom with real kids. Affordable and very easy to use. I've loved them so far. Comparing them in price to others (Fuzzibuns and BumGenius), they are the cheapest.

Shelby said...

Good job on the cloth diapers! I used cloth for both the girls and loved all the money we saved, I did get a lot of weird looks from people, but oh well I was saving money so I didn't care about the looks!!

Sarah said...

I started using cloth diapers too and love them (never thought I would, but saving money is a big motivator! Plus I feel they are better for baby's bum!).