Sunday, April 17

We've been hit...again.

I no longer think this is the worst season of illness we have ever endured.  I know it.

Wednesday, we saw a specialist who told us what we already knew: 12 ear infections in 18 months is not normal.  Really?  So, Elli is scheduled to have tubes put in on April 25th.  That is if we can keep her healthy until then.

Elli has something nasty.  Neither Matt or I are fans of vomit (who is, really?).  But, when its your baby's vomit, things change.  We tag-teamed through the night and arrived at this morning...alive, but well-worn.

I'm guessing rotavirus.  Boo!  Its going around like wildfire.  Looks like we're in for a longer haul than the normal 24-hour bug.  Second Boo!

Here's to lots of hugs for a moaning, hurting baby - and lots of bleach spray to keep the rest of us germ-free.

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Liz K said...

uggg!!! Elliot has a terrible cough and fever and we were up all night too, not with puking, but we sure do feel your pain! I am thankful he has this now and not next Sunday! Praying for you friend!